The high quality of the immersive three-dimensional model made it necessary to carry out advanced modelling procedures.
Specifically, an Unreal Engine advanced mode has been used to model almost everything in the metro station: from objects to animations.
This parametric schematization of objects, events, scenarios is developed through the use of “blue-prints” that is a group of blocks containing code and connected using “circuits” (visual scripting).
Merely by way of example, blueprints have been used to design:

  • objects
  • events (opening of doors, movement of lifts, etc)
  • scenarios (generation of environments such as woods, seas, rocks, etc.)
  • movement and animations
  • dynamic management of characters (characters and related AI)
  • collisions
  • etc

The use of blueprints guarantees, with reduced computational stress, an exceptional result in terms of quality, especially compared to commercial software currently on the market.