Setin thanks to its years of experience deriving from great works and to a team of professionals always growing for years offers digital information management services using the well-known processes B.I.M.
Operating in the AEC sector with various services, from training to modelling, from BIM validation to BIM management, it studies and always applies new technological and methodological solutions to meet the multiple needs of its customers.
Models interconnected between the fields of architecture, civil engineering and plant engineering, interact in a single digital environment with information and geometries always meeting the requirements and standards of the different disciplines.

The company, thanks to its experience, works following a series of internal procedures, guidelines and standards B.I.M. related to the different standard in the field of digital processes, such as UNI 11337 or 19650, to have a high level of Quality Control.

B.I.M. Services

  • Training professionals and companies on BIM modeling
  • B.I.M. Oriented Implementation
  • Structural B.I.M. design
  • Infrastructural B.I.M. design
  • Architectural B.I.M. design
  • MEP B.I.M. design
  • Return of BIM models from relief or from two-dimensional elaborations
  • B.I.M. Validation
  • B.I.M. Coordination
  • B.I.M. Management
  • Site and Construction Simulation
  • Quantity Take-Off and Estimated Metric Computations
  1. Masjid 3D Model View
    Masjid 3D Model View
  2. Masjid 3D Model Section
    Masjid 3D Model Section
  3. Masjid 3D Model View STR-MEP
    Masjid 3D Model View STR-MEP
  4. Site Metro Station
    Site Metro Station
  5. Site Metro Station Section
    Site Metro Station Section
  6. Metro Station 3D View
    Metro Station 3D View
  7. Ladder steel beam
    Ladder steel beam
  8. Elevator Foundation
    Elevator Foundation
  9. MEP Metro Model Station
    MEP Metro Model Station