The new highways system of Genova (Second Highway) consists of four roads that merge: the A7 Genova-Serravalle, the A10 Genova-Ventimiglia, the A12 Genova-Rome, and the A26 Genova-Domodossola. The project, called “Gronda di Ponente”, includes:

  • The construction of a new carriageway;
  • The extension of the A10 existing highways in the section that crosses; the Municipality of Genova.
  • The strengthening of the A7 and A12.

The main themes of the project are as follows:

  • Over 70 km of road, of which 53 km are in tunnels;
  • 25 tunnels, of which 12 are on the highway and 13 near junctions;
  • 21 bridges and viaducts, of which 11 are new and 10 adapted.
  • Valuation of different options for highway tracks and traffic plans;
  • Design of multimodal traffic model;
  • Social and environmental impact assessment;
  • Resettlement plan in a different urban area.