Executive DesignItaly – Rome, via TuscolanaRoma Capitale Municipio VII

The area affected by the planned works extends from the metro station Porta Furba, and in particular from the intersection of Via Tuscolana with Via dei Fulvi, up to Tuscolana Station. The cycle route involves both carriageways, flanking them with a single-directional track. The total length of the route is about 3 km, for each direction of travel, is divided into 2 functional excerpts of similar length.

The main objective of the intervention is to realize a cycle route reducing the section useful for cars but, at the same time, to:

  • Establish a cycle route which ensures compliance with the rules, safety and protection of vulnerable users, pedestrians and cyclists;
  • Improve existing cycle routes to promote a new culture of urban mobility which is both organic and functional;
  • Lighten the urban load and the consequent pollution phenomena, promoting an alternative use of the area covered by the intervention, which is purely commercial.

The design choices adopted allow those who need to use the car to continue to use it, but at the same time guarantee the transit of many more people, with benefit for urban mobility, air quality and local trade.