Detail Design
Executive Design
Romania – Brăila Edin s.r.l.

RTI with
– Astaldi s.p.a.
– IHI Corporation

The Brăila Bridge is a road suspension bridge in Romania, under construction over the Danube river, between Brăila, a major city in the east of Romania, and the opposite bank of the river in Tulcea County. The bridge has a total length of 1.975 meters, with a central span of 1.120 meters, and two sidelights of 490 and 365 meters. The construction of two viaducts to access the bridge is also planned, 110 meters long, as well as approximately 23 kilometers of connecting road. The company was involved in the structural design of the foundation piles of the bridge.The tower foundation geometry is characterized by the intersection of two cylindric plinths settled on piles.