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Construction Design (Structural)
Kazakhstan – AstanaStudio Altieri for Mabetex Group

The new terminal with a total area of ​​47 thousand square meters includes international passenger and VIP terminals, 6 new aircraft parking lots with landing sleeves and 4 bus landing routes. The modern security system has been installed.
There are 42 cabins of passport control and a luggage system of EVRO 2020 standard, ensuring the passage of 1200 pieces of luggage per hour.

Currently, Astana airport serves 18 airlines that operate flights in 24 international and 17 domestic destinations. From June 2017, the number of flights and destinations will increase to 45. Transit air transportation through Kazakhstan is growing, in 2022 they are expected to increase by 1.5 times to the level of 2011.

The terminal is equipped with the latest advanced technologies, which allow to improve the service and improve aviation security.
It includes office areas with computers and Wi-Fi, toilet areas with showers and a sauna, six different zones with chairs and seats, and the entire top floor of the terminal will be given to the restaurant area.

The vertical principle of the terminal arrangement will allow simultaneously servicing up to 12 aircraft of international and domestic flights, providing maximum flexibility during peak hours, eliminating the need for long travel of passengers to access gates.
We also note that the parking area will be increased by more than 2 times.