The project objective is to mainstream biodiversity conservation into integrated land and seascape governance, planning and management in Palau. To achieve this objective, the GEF alternative aims to achieve the sustainable development and ecological security of Palau’s marine, coastal and terrestrial biodiversity, adopting a landscape/seascape governance approach and the “ridge to reef” concept. In charge for UNDP, our responsibilities in the Project are drafting (with the team of consultants) of documents to be submitted to the GEF Secretariat, Main specific reporting activities include: – Geospatial monitoring system, Decision Support System (DSS) and Institutional framework and governance mechanisms on biodiversity and landscape and seascape governance, planning and management. – Decision-Support System for the management of Natural Resources Management at seascapes and landscapes levels – Standards for environmental monitoring system – Landscape/Seascape Plans, accordingly with “Reef to Ridge” approach – Nature-based tourism and sustainable land and marine management products – Integrated Marine-Coastal Zones Management for the Southern Lagoon States of the Republic of Palau.