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The Mose project was chosen at the end of a long design and decision-making process during which the sluice gate system at the port mouths was compared with numerous alternative solutions.

It has resulted in the only work capable of responding to the precise constraints and requirements required: to ensure the complete protection of the territory from flooding, not to modify the water exchanges at the port mouths, not to have fixed intermediate batteries in the canals at the port mouths, not to interfere with the landscape, not to interfere with the economic activities that take place through the same mouths.

The Mose consists of 4 barriers made up of 78 independent mobile sluices able to temporarily separate the lagoon from the sea and to defend Venice both from exceptional tidal events and from the most frequent ones.

The barriers are located at the ports of Lido, Malamocco, and Chioggia. The Mose can protect Venice and the lagoon from tides up to 3 meters high and from a rise in sea level up to 60 centimeters in the next 100 years.